You Can Still Get Your Speed Fix at Bondurant Racing School

Review: A focus on internal changes for the Yoga 9i 14's move from the C940

Most of the changes to the Yoga 9i 14 are on the inside, but it's still a top option when it comes to premium convertible laptops. The Lenovo Yoga 9i series is a successor to the formidable Yoga C940 series, available in both 14- and 15-inch models. With the new, tidier naming scheme comes a bump up to Intel's 11th Gen hardware and Intel Evo platform certification, improved TrueStrike keyboard, optional leather lid cover, and edge-to-edge glass...

Toyota hit with a $180 million fine for Clean Air Act violations

The court ruling states that Toyota neglected to report emissions violations for its vehicles from 2005-2015.

Listen to This Shelby Mustang GT350 Hit 172 MPH on the Autobahn

No speed limit and 8250 rpm. The perfect match.

This Niva Needed A Lada Time To Lap The Nurburgring

Yes, it has bucket seats.

BMW Malaysia Cuts Standard Five-Year Warranty To Just Two

Wrong move or just plain genius?

Chevy Says Corvette C8 Buyers Are Wealthier Than C7 Customers

And not just by a hair, mind you.

Finland Is Getting Two World Rally Championship Events This Year In Place Of Rally Sweden

COVID-19 has already wreaked havoc on the 2021 World Rally Championship schedule, and its path of destruction continues. The iconic, snow-covered (well, most of the time) Rally Sweden has long been nixed from the calendar, but various other changes had it looking like we wouldn’t see any snow events this year. Now, though, Arctic Rally Finland has stepped in.

Amazon Opens Alexa to Let Automakers Make Custom Voice Assistants

FCA's brands will adopt the tech first, so you may soon be saying, 'Jeep, adjust the temperature.'

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo First Test: Full Numbers for the Land-Based Missile

When you acquire a car with a prancing horse on the hood, you expect greatness. And the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo is indeed great. It delivers thrilling acceleration, lightning-quick shifts, and a gorgeously spare interior. As a daily driver, the 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo provides an appropriate aura and mystique that make the hoi polloi

Please Don't Take Your Matte Finish Through the Car Wash

The Drive's Best Deals of the Week

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Gets A Ton Of Mods

The ultimate Land Cruiser has arrived.

Watch the Hyperion hydrogen hypercar hit the road

A California hypercar that emits only water vapor has proven to be more than vaporware as it took to the desert roads of Nevada and the Las Vegas Strip. Hyperion first revealed its XP-1 in summer 2020, claiming that its fuel cells would deliver 1500 horsepower, a top speed of over 220 mph, and 0-60 […] The post Watch the Hyperion hydrogen hypercar hit the road appeared first on Hagerty Media.

Cars That Stand the Test of Time

Model lines possessing remarkable staying power.… The post Cars That Stand the Test of Time appeared first on

Honda working on new HR-V specifically for the US

Previously, America's HR-V was nearly identical to the global Vezel crossover, but that won't be the case moving forward.

CarCopter Flying Race Car Concept Aims To Revolutionize Motorsport

CES never fails to amaze.

7 Reasons Why the Honda HR-V Is a Tiny Honda

The Honda HR-V is the smallest SUV Honda makes.

Mercedes-AMG S63e Spied Silently Stalking Nurburgring

The hybrid S63e is almost here.

Watching Two Geo Trackers Balance on a Giant Seesaw Is Utterly Terrifying

Everything new at the 2019 New York International Auto Show

Subaru brought a new Outback, Volkswagen has a few concepts and Ford introduced a new Mustang along with a redesigned Escape. This may be the best Auto Show of 2019.

McLaren 675LT vs Lotus Exige V6 Club Racer Drag Race

Is the Lotus Exige supercar quick?

Battery Health Reports Coming for Buyers of Used Electric Vehicles

This startup is a sort of Carfax of battery life information, intending to make it easier to have confidence in buying a used EV.

Most iconic Group B world rally cars

We look back at the world of Group B rallying, and select our favourite cars from the sport’s most evocative era

How the New Hypercar Class Differs From LMP1

The Toyota Gazoo Racing GR010 shows us how the top-spec of Le Mans race cars will differ from the outgoing LMP1 cars.

What's The Dumbest Thing You've Seen Towed?

Cruising down a snow-covered back road a few days ago, I saw something awful. I saw someone hauling one of those mini campers. Normally, those campers are fine. They’re cool with me. But this particular one looked like it had just been salvaged from the junkyard. The two tires I could see were flat. Through the rust holes, you could see stacks of rusty junk inside. And, of course, this person needed to pull out directly in front of me, despite...

2021 Infiniti QX80 review: All that glitters is not gold

Mild updates can't gloss over the fact that the Infiniti QX80's Nissan-branded sibling drives nearly as well while packing more up-to-date cabin tech.

A Reminder That Filming Yourself Driving A Race Car Is An Incredibly Bad Idea

15-year-old stock car driver Taylor Gray has raised quite a stir on social media today after posting a Snapchat video of him using one hand to film himself while cruising around the Daytona International Speedway at full blast. So, here’s your regular reminder: filming yourself racing at speed is always a bad idea, but especially when you’re a young racing driver trying to make it up the ranks.

This Big Block 1981 Chevy Camaro Pumps Out Nearly 2,400 HP

The first new AC Cobra Superblower is ready to strike

AC Cars entered the 2020s with a shock announcement that the iconic Cobra would be going electric. The British sports car maker did, thankfully, also announce a couple of good old (new) gasoline models. One would be powered by a Ford Ecoboost turbo and the other a 6.2-liter supercharged V-8. The first of those V-8s […] The post The first new AC Cobra Superblower is ready to strike appeared first on Hagerty Media.

Toyota, Stanford Build Self-Drifting Supra That Hoons In The Name Of Safety

We tend to think of drifting, or any wheel-spinning tomfoolery, as a crude, reckless and indulgent act when not done in the safe confines of a closed course. Yet researchers at Toyota’s Research Institute and Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Lab are hard at work testing technology that may use drifting for good — in this case, getting you and your passengers out of a sure collision.

Stephane Peterhansel Wins The Dakar Rally For The 14th Time

This is the MINI JCW driver's eighth win in a car, joining six wins in bikes.

There Might Be a Spy In the Ford Maverick Assembly Line

Ford’s upcoming small pickup truck makes a camouflaged debut.

2021 Toyota RAV4 or Mazda CX-5? Each Compact SUV's Pros and Cons

The Toyota RAV4 has been around since the early days of the compact crossover, with the first versions sprouting up in the mid-1990s and doing battle with another segment founder, the Honda CR-V. Mazda’s CX-5 is a much newer addition to the segment, having first arrived in 2012. Now in its second generation, the Mazda

Did You Know Racing Legend Carroll Shelby Helped Found Chili's?

The Corvette Debuted 68 Years Ago Today

On January 17, 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette prototype was unveiled at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City at Motorama. But the car that we recognize today as synonymous with (relatively) accessible sportiness wasn’t as loved when it first appeared.

Piston Slap: When the Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) surrenders?

Chaz writes: My 2002 Mercedes-Benz E 320 Wagon (ooooh, awesome! – SM) loves to pretend it has a light out and throw a warning code. Of course, the problem is that no lights are actually out! The warning is buried within the Mercedes system, not OBD-II. Do you any tips on how to sort out […] The post Piston Slap: When the Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) surrenders? appeared first on Hagerty Media.

2020 Speedtail Is McLaren’s Newest Legend

McLaren threw everything they had at this insane supercar!

Sports Car Maker Spyker Is All Out Of Money—Again

Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker NV is slated to debut two cars in 2021, but now it looks like. the company is all out of money, with CEO Victor Muller filling for bankruptcy... again. And somehow he still thinks things are going to turn out okay. Maybe that’s because it’s been holding on for dear life for the last six years.

90-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday With A Brand-New Chevy Corvette C8

Because age doesn't define a person's need for speed.

Mercedes-Benz EQA electric crossover will debut on Jan. 20

The small SUV will go on sale in Europe this spring.

Former IndyCar Champion Alex Zanardi Is Reportedly Speaking Again

Alex Zanardi seems to be making a remarkable recovery.

Here Are The Changes NHTSA Made To Its Autonomous Driving Regulations

If you haven’t noticed, autonomous vehicles have been a massive topic of conversation despite the fact that most automakers aren’t actually all that close to releasing an autonomous passenger vehicle. In fact, we don’t really have a ton of cohesive regulations to dictate the development of self-driving cars. And that’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released some new guidelines—in many cases easing some of the...

Cars worse than their predecessors

We always assume that when a car gets replaced it will always be worse than the new one. But not always

The Falcon Has Landed: The Wild World of Falcon Hunting Cars

A Microchip Might Be Why the New Car You Want Is Hard to Locate

The popularity of tech such as the PlayStation has slowed the flow of semiconductors to automakers. Now, manufacturers are having to cut back on production.

Historic Cadillac Dealership in Kentucky Closing Suddenly After 75 Years

The 1980 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham Got This Mechanical Digital Dash Clock

All-electronic digital clocks cost a lot at this time, so this sort of spinning-reel clock went into many cars.

Can the Aston Martin Bulldog Hit 200 Mph?

Aston works driver Darren Turner plans to give it a shot.

This Is Not Your Parents’ Wagon: Refurbished 1963 Dodge 440 Is Drag-Strip Ready